Mahshid’s journey into Art started at the age of fourteen after being admitted to the academy of Fine Arts in Tehran, Iran. Her studies were cut short due to the socio-political situation and the Iran-Iraq war, she fled Iran and arrived in Canada without her parents.

Mahshid is a graduate of Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto, Canada with an additional year of studying traditional methods of paintings and drawing through Charles Cecil Studios in Florence, Italy.

She has exhibited in public and private galleried in Canada, US and Italy.

Her fascinations with traditional techniques have been a continuous source of inspiration in her career as an artist and art educator since her return from Italy in 2002.

She has been a faculty member at the Ottawa School of Art for the past wo decades. She now lives in the Greater Toronto Area and continues her art practice in this vibrant city at her studio.

Artist Statement

Examining concepts of identity and belonging have been the moving force behind my artworks.

I have explored the identity of Muslim women in exile (supported by Canada Arts Council/creation production grant), a mother’s sense of belonging through painting of my children, exploring identity through portraits of children with mental health as well as Healing journey of Canadian Armed Forces Veterans and active members affected by PTSD.

My search for belonging is of the personal, communal, and global. I am interested in making art that attempts to inspire and connect people through their stories. I am drawn to people’s journeys which I express through portrait, floral and or figure compositions, to acknowledge our desire to connect and to belong.

Technically I am influenced by traditional mediums of painting, drawing, metal works and their contemporary appropriation. I approach each work as a renewed opportunity to delve into the search for that unwavering, and graceful gesture ingrained in the very heart of humanity and the human condition. This is my attempt to encourage a dialogue between the viewer and the viewed, in hopes of creating a better world.


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